24 is almost 26.2… right?

I’m really not a huge birthday person. Let’s be real – I might want a little attention from the people I love, but I don’t need a cake, an awkward song from my coworkers, and zillion presents to feel appreciated. Today happens to be my 24th birthday. As it turns out, the 24th is a weird year… it’s really nothing special. I’m over the ability to legally purchase alcohol but I still can’t rent a car. Anyway… I might not be quiiiiite 26 yet, but I figure today is as good of a day as any to commit something. How about training for a full marathon?

26.2 miles.

“Fuck. That.”


…is what I would’ve said about 6 months ago as I was “training” for my first half marathon. It was brutal, but the entire time I was running the actual race, I found this insane sense of pride for actually accomplishing something I never thought I could. Because about a year before I signed up, I would’ve said “Fuck. That.” at the thought of 13.1… but as I retrace my running “career” I think back to the 10 miler I did last year, the numerous 5ks prior to that… and when it all started? 1 mile? Fuck. That. And here I am, inspired to run 1 mile, roughly 26 times, back to back, until my knees buckle and my heels dissolve into a blistered mess. Possibly one of the most grueling, intense courses I will ever run, and now I’m sitting here writing this saying, “Fuck. Yes.”

If you know me well, you’ll probably doubt my ability to stick to a rigorous training plan… I guarantee there will be ups and downs, but if nothing else maybe a little bit of entertainment. If you want to follow along on this journey, I’ll keep you posted here.

And for those of you who don’t know me well, I appreciate your support and confidence in advance! 😉


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