Welcome, fit & lazy friends!

I’m Paige. You’re probably here because you’re a lot like me… in a relationship with food, love to booze but you also want to look like a Victoria Secret model. Life is hard, right?

I grew up with that good ol’ Southern cooking down in North Carolina but after a wild four years at the University of South Carolina (go cocks!) I picked up my roots and replanted myself in Philadelphia, PA. Ah, the City of Brotherly love… and cheesesteaks. What a place to make a life for yourself!
College was crazy fun but I think it’s about screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-9-46-09-pmtime I get started on pursuing a few goals of mine – healthy habits in the kitchen & the gym. My biggest problem: I’m lazy as hell. I’ll call my boyfriends cell when he’s in the other room because I don’t feel like yelling or getting up. I’ll die of thirst or hold my pee for hours because I don’t feel like walking 15 feet to relieve myself. But, god dammit, I want to look like a Victoria Secret angel!

I mean, that’s everyone’s goal… isn’t it? If I was paid the big bucks to look like that, I’d probably be able do something to make it happen. But the reality of this adulting thing is we all have to get a job to pay the bills. And when it’s all said & done, after a full work week, a nice hour long commute every day, and an attempt at 8 hours of sleep every night, there just aren’t that many hours left in the day. So what makes you think I’m ever going to be able to spend hours in the kitchen and the gym every day? God forbid I want to sit on my ass and scroll through Instagram for a half hour. It didn’t take long for me to realize “doing it all” is just not possible.

While my goal of “looking like a Victoria Secret model” probably isn’t in the cards, my desire to lead a healthy lifestyle (well, more healthy than before) certainly is. Which brings me to the purpose of this blog – a place where I can document my journey to becoming fit (& lazy).

Wanna know more? I’d love to chat!